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Which president was the Navy's youngest aviator?

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Top 5 Classic Superhero Theme Songs

Over the past ten years or so we’ve seen a lot of epic superhero remakes pass through theaters. There’s the Spiderman trilogy, Iron Man 1 and 2, and The Dark Knight just to name a few. All of these movies sport excellent original scores by some of the best composers the world has to offer.

Captain America: A History


Captain America was a superhero created to arouse patriotism and the American spirit. His purpose is to take down America’s enemies, fighting those who stood for oppression and evil.


Superhuman strength. Virtual invulnerability. Motivated to defend the world from criminals and madmen. Possessing a secret identity. And they even have fashion sense—they look great in long underwear and cat suits. These are the traits that define the quintessential superhero.


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